Mistakes People Make While Visiting Morocco

Morocco is a fascinating and beautiful country that is vibrant and filled with culture. A lot of people make mistakes while they visit this country. Often what they might think offends locals is not offensive at all. However, you want to avoid the discomfort of offending or making a mistake, here are some of the things you shouldn’t do while you are visiting Morocco.

  1. Haggling too hard
    It is insulting and impractical for shop owners when they have to deal with tourists who bargain so hard on some purchases. The culture of bargaining does exist in Morocco. It’s also common that sellers will set higher prices for tourists. Yes, you should bargain, but do so with respect and understanding.
  2. Labeling
    Do not fall for the prejudice and brainwashing that the media portrays about a country or race. It’s a very common mistake that people make around the world. It’s wrong to assume that every nation has a label. You’ll be able to indulge in Moroccan culture if you have new experiences in this country that are unbiased.
  3. Unreal expectations
    Before setting out to travel to Morocco, remember to go with an open mind, discover something new and be eager to experience without unreal expectations.
  4. Being overly drained and paranoid
    Not everyone is out to scam you. You will not be able to experience genuine Moroccan kindness and hospitality if you are paranoid during your visit. It’s a big mistake to respond with suspicion to every small act of service and hospitality
  5. Don’t get annoyed by the singing at 5 a.m
    Firstly, It’s not singing, it’s the call to prayer, and it happens 5 times a day, every day. The first call is at 5 a.m in the morning. If you’re staying in the medina of any city, you’re going to hear it. Embrace it! After a few days, you probably won’t even notice it.
  6. Covering up
    The truth is you can wear whatever you want in Morocco, and there’s no dress code as such. You do not need to dress like the locals, nor should you, but be mindful of the local norms. As a woman, wearing booty shorts, cleavage-bearing or crop tops and see through items is not a good idea. If you do choose to dress more revealing please don’t wear a scarf on your head. Doing this is more disrespectful than simply wearing nothing. Men generally wear a shirt and longer shorts. Apart from young or teenage boys, you will rarely see Moroccan men wearing a tank top or shorter, sport style shorts.
  7. Being a tourist, not a traveler
    Don’t book an all-inclusive holiday and hit the most touristy spots in Morocco. It is the worst way to waste your money and time. You can visit famous places, but it isn’t cool when you focus only on most tourist-visited cities. Morocco has so much more to offer than Marrakech and Agadir. The charming Berber villages, non-touristy towns, coast, untouched nature, dirty snacks with local food, artists of any kind, crazy taxis in Casablanca, mountains and the breathtaking sky out in Morocco.

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